It’s been more than a minute since I’ve written my last blog post. You won’t even be able to find one entry on Joy’s Blog or the blog at all. My rantings from 2006 on are off the world wide web. This whole story is a little dramatic. And I frequently say that I like my drama on TV and Film, but recently it has been showing up in my life.

Let me break it down. I took what was supposed to be a short pause to figure out how I was going to move forward. I was considering a whole bunch of basic issues. Should I move blog platforms? Would it be better to combine the content that I have from another domain or leave them separate? How should I organize the content? What colors should I use?  Then began the hunt for the perfect template. I searched and searched. I think I looked at a majority of the WordPress templates out there. If you’ve every done the same thing, you know that there are thousands of WordPress templates. That may seem like enough for some, but my exploration wasn’t limited to WordPress. Any major and some minor platforms were also under review.

What happened? I kept searching. Nothing was perfect enough. I even considered paying to have someone build it and never pulled the trigger. One day I decided that I would write something right were it was and I couldn’t find the blog. I called GoDaddy, my hosting provider, to learn that they discontinued hosting that type of blog. Don’t think they didn’t try to let me know. They had contacted me numerous time to a email address that I don’t check very often. I never imagined that dropping my blog all together was possible, but it was. Drama!

Fortunately, I had saved all of the text recently because I was focused on moving the content. At least, that is what I was telling myself. My hunt for the perfect platform continued. I had a few templates in the running, when I came by this one and new that it was the one. I imagine that it is the feeling women get when they “Say Yes to the Dress.”

It would seem like the problems would all be behind me. Not true. Too bad. So sad. This WordPress theme is a little more complicated than the other one I had used. I paid someone to install it like the demo. I figured that should be good enough. Not so much. There are so many things in this template that I can’t figure out without finding a tutorial that I paid someone to do some basic things. It still wasn’t just right and needed some changes before I re-launched. All of this means that it is taking me forever to get started. It still needs change.

But I realize that I’m holding myself back. I’ve said this is part of the vision that God has given me. I have the tools to get it done and can pay a little for some other things. Can I grow my mustard seed size faith? Can I get moving and stop waiting? I need to get out of my own way. This is going to be very uncomfortable in the beginning. There’s going to be a huge learning curve. I’m sure I can do some things better. If I don’t get it going, I’ll never know.

Are you like me? Are you getting in your own way? We have to say a little prayer for some wisdom and discernment. We also have to act. You’ve heard it before, Faith without works is dead. (James 2:17

It’s time to leap. It will be getting better every day and it will take a ton of work. I’ll be taking an adventure into building GospelFit and, hopefully, you’ll come along for the ride.

Please let me know if you need to get unstuck and if you have what helped you to take your leap of faith.


Peace & blessings,




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